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About us

Box Company

For Advertising and Art Productions/LTD

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses grow and succeed through innovative and effective marketing and advertising strategies. We strive to create meaningful connections with consumers and deliver results that exceed our clients' expectations. Whether through digital campaigns, social media marketing, or traditional media, we are dedicated to driving brand awareness and driving sales for our clients. Our team is passionate about using our expertise and creativity to deliver unparalleled results.

Our Team

Expert team with a track record of delivering exceptional results.

Ahmed M Sadiq

CEO / Creative Director

Ranj Pari

Media Buying Manager

Soran Al Jaff

Baghdad Office Manager

Ehsan M.Sadiq

Administrator/Acc. Manager

Halkawt Majeed

Sound Engineer

Fakhradin Abdi

Software Development Manager

Salman Khalid

Social Media Specialist

Ali Nasir

Art Director


Proven results for industry-leading brands and businesses of all sizes.

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